Monday, January 14, 2008

Complete List of Reader-Submitted Ideas for the Top Ten

  1. Riese's most played songs on itunes
  2. Riese's favorite things to put in her mouth.
  3. Things to Do on a Snow Day
  5. Reasons why the gays always win arguments.
  6. Reasons Hollister was created by the devil.
  7. Stage plays/musicals that have been adapted to screen where the film version has been as good (if not better) than the original.
  8. Favorite songs of all time that make Riese want to get up and dance no matter what.
  9. Phrases that people say that make Riese cringe on the inside.
  10. Styles (clothing, hair, etc.) Riese wants to come back (ie: side ponytails, acid washed jeans, parachute pants, mullets)
  11. Best CDs of all time.
  12. Movies that Riese doesn't want to admit that she's watched.
  13. Reasons why Riese is obsessed with Detroit
  14. Reasons why gay parents are the best thing ever
  15. Reasons to call into work
  16. Why Jew is the new Black
  17. Why Riese doesn't do Sports
  18. What Riese should be/have been doing instead of writing top 10s
  19. Reasons commenting on autowin is better than bedtime
  20. Movie/tv scenes to cry to
  21. Riese's ideal boy/girl as composed of the top ten personality traits/physical characteristic/style points/whatevs from various peeps of admiration.
  22. Countries to live in when old and rich
  23. Memory-pregnant childhood/adolscent things hiding in the recesses of Riese's mind
  24. Songs to sing/dance along to
  25. Music-related memories
  26. Places to drink
  27. Top ten of top tens
  28. Things That'll Never Get You A Date With Riese
  29. Things That'll Surely Get You A Date With Riese
  30. Things That Riese Would Do For Free
  31. Things That Riese Wouldn't Do If You Paid Her A Million Dollars
  32. (Famous) People Riese Is Attracted To
  33. Top Ten Drunken Memories
  34. Reasons Lint is the New Cashmere
  35. Reasons Haviland should watch Empire Records
  36. Most comment-garnering posts
  37. Reasons people read my blog
  38. Great cups of coffee
  39. Blank is the new blank for 2008
  40. Auto-universe Collisions with the 3-D Universe
  41. First 10 thoughts that pop into my head
  42. Top 8 things happening on 125th Street right now
  43. Ways to eat a Reeses
  44. Smells/songs tied to a memory
  45. Things I should do at least once or only once or never or everyday
  46. Ways auto-apparel can improve your life
  47. Builders/Architects Who Just Didn't Get It...featuring the 10 most out-of-place eyesores of new construction in NYC
  48. Funtastic things to do with your fave inanimate object (e.g., bottles of vodka)
  49. Which L-word character are you? Create the test...everyone auto-wins!...except if you land on Papi b/c she's in the vortex with Mark creating nonconsensual vlogs or whatevs
  50. Inappropriate sexual advances made by Lozo (successful and/or failed)
  51. Creative uses of/ mock ad campaigns for Auto-Win Apparel (The pics/vlogs of Riese and Hav will make or break this one)
  52. Anything Tegan and Sara related
  53. Pics of Riese, Hav, Carly and the rest of the Auto-Win team sporting boy shorts
  54. All-time fave places to visit after getting hopped up on smack and nose candy
  55. Reasons why Mr. redacted is probs still reading Riese's blog...and loving it!
  56. Things Riese'll do when her t.v. show gets picked up and Riese becomes rich and famous
  57. Comments/suggestions Riese'll make to your BFF, Ilene Chaiken, when she comes to her senses and starts answering Riese's calls.
  58. Things people should tell you within the first month of knowing them.
  59. Books (or anything) that are overrated but you'll hear everyone say they are just fantastic anyway (and you'll agree).
  60. Things Riese Wishes She Could Do
  61. Things Riese just wants to throw out there (Riese's height, Lozo's, etc).
  62. Automatics (.38, winners, straddles, apparel).
  63. Worst moments of The L Word
  64. Ways to get your own vodka on the cruise this summer, so you don't have to pay $9/drink.
  65. Strangest emails sent to you by readers.
  66. Reasons not to gouge out your eyes after seeing Kate hanging out with Paris pictures.
  67. Memoirs
  68. Shows Riese refuses to watch

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